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Hi friend... Anjali reporting once again. It has been a tough day renovating my blog and doing my college work at the same time. But nevertheless, I would like to introduce an interesting money making program! Flixya is the name.What exactly is Flixya you might be asking yourself,scratching your head at the same time.Well Flixya is a revolutionary money making program that pays you to embed LiveVideo, Youtube, Metacafe. Bolt, Google Video, Dailymotion, Revver, Veoh, Break video into Flixya. Simple as that!

Brief About Flixya
So what is Flixya? Well, it is actually no difference from other social networking website that promotes interactivity and inter-connectivity between members in the form of messaging and file sharing. Basically, you get to use the web space provided by Flixya to post your video and photographs.

I am sure many of us are already doing that. But the key difference here is, Flixya pays you to do what you are already doing. So photographers out there, here is your chance to make some serious money here.

How does Flixya work?
For submission of video, all you need to do is to link the web address or the embed code of video in various video sharing websites like Veoh, YouTube and so many more. Then you post it. When people visit it, you get paid for it.

As for pictures, all you need to do is upload those pictures that you have permission to publish and in another words, pictures or photographs which belongs to you into Flixya. People visit it and you get paid.

How Flixya pays?
To get paid, you need to have a Google Adsense account. Link the publisher ID to Flixya and you are all set for some serious income.

What else does Flixya has to offer?
Well, apart from posting content and get paid for it. You are also given the choice to blog using its web resources. Same goes for Flixya Blog, the visits get accounting into your Google Adsense overall unqiue impressions. Other than that is that you will get to meet friends that shares the same interest as you.

I have tried Flixya and monitored the progress of my Adsense account and the earning jumped from a few cents to decent income earned monthly. Give it a try and you will see the difference.

Get connected with people around the world by sharing your content or thoughts with Flixya. It is really fun.
How exactly Flixya pays you then? With the inbuilt Adsense (ah,you must have an Adsense account though first.You can sign up with Adsense by clicking here) that is catered to match the specific kind of video that you upload,you can be sure that when someone view your videos on Flixya,you can earn thru :
  1. Google Adsense unique impressions (1000 unique impressions earns you $1)
  2. Google Adsense per click (this as you know can earns you tons of money if there is a lot of click to the advertisements affiliated to you)
You must be a member of Flixya before you can start to upload video.You can sign up for free by clicking here.
Upon confirming that you are officially a member of Flixya,you can embed video from LiveVideo, Youtube, Metacafe. Bolt, Google Video, Dailymotion, Revver, Veoh, Break to Flixya.
  • Embedding is simple.
  • Select which video hosting program video you would like to upload.For this case,I choose Youtbe
  • Next,copy the specific Embedding code of the video you would like to embed into the the column (Please enter the video-ID, embeded code or the URL of the video:)
  • Type in the Title of the video,the description,the tag (the important keyword that describes this video and also to increase your chance of your video being searched) and the category your video falls into.
  • Submit and thats it!
All you have to do now is to start waiting for people to watch your video to earn your impressions and advertisement clicks.Thats like waiting for money to fall from the sky (but it DOES!).
One tip though is to start making friends!You can start by making friends with me in Flixya and I loved to make friends with you as well.World without strangers!
Click there to add me as your friend! ---> My Flixya Profile
Thats literally all for the day. Anjali Sharma reporting off and have a great day or night ahead!

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